Digital Media

Monday, October 16, 2006

Determining Uses and Gratifications for the Internet
Thomas F. Stafford, Marla Royne Stafford, Lawrence L. Schkade.

The uses and gratifications paradigm tries to determine motivations for using media by focusing on what people do with mass media. I can apply this focus of understanding Internet user motivations better to my project by looking to see what ways online news sites have for readers to respond to stories and look at the ways they are used. The article lists three types of gratifications: process, content and social. It is likely that the news sites which use all three types of gratifications will be the most successful in facilitating community dialogue.

The process of responding to a story may in itself be gratifying, while the content of the story is what most newspapers are focused on. The dialogue may also be a way of socializing, especially if readers take an interest in a reporter's blog, for instance, and begin to regularly contribute feedback.


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