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Monday, November 13, 2006

I attended the PSAMA luncheon Wednesday with Karen Crow from Google. It was on "The Changing Media Landscape," and it gave me some ideas about what the future of online news might look like.

Crow emphasized that the PC is losing its hold on the Internet and that mobile devices are the platform of the future. Newspapers should take this to heart and begin to explore ways to communicate across a mobile medium such as cell phones. Advertisers in Japan use a standard code that mobile users can access with a push of the button to download advertisers' games and win points toward purchases. Newspapers could use this technology to provide spots in which mobile users could access the daily newspaper to their phones or other devices. Subscribers would be able to download the news for free and nonsubscribers could pay a fee using their phone, much like they do now at newspaper boxes. Crow explained that unlike in Japan, where mobile technology is more popular, the U.S. does not have mobile standards yet, which would make this technology difficult to use right now.


  • Thanks for blogging about this. I am interested, in a pretty removed way, in the whole mobile-everything trend (by "removed" I mean that I'm not personally trying to download stuff onto my phone right now--not that my poor phone would take it). Still working my way through "Smart Mobs" by Rheingold. I like the idea that we might eventually be able to walk through a city in a mobile-informed way--e.g., the phone would say something like "Turn left, go one block to Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Pacific Science Center. Tickets available for 1:30 pm."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/21/2006 11:41 AM  

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