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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Imaginary Forces Web site analysis

1. Download plugin to view site
2. Click on projects
3. Clicked on "Our Reel" but firefox wouldn't open pop-up box
4. Looked for search button
5. Clicked interactive
6. Box disappeared because mouse went off of brown area
7. Clicked interactive again
8. Clicked honda element
9. Saw "Web video"
10. Moved mouse over page trying to find something clickable
11. click view honda air
12. Close honda air pop-up window
13. Click back to project index
14. Move mouse to icon
15. click Contacts
16. Click map and driving directions to N.Y. office
17. Page links to mapquest that says no address exists
18. tried to go back to contacts to double check address but it was in a new window so I couldn't
19. Went back to map page and clicked suggested address

Interface experience: I felt lost when I got to the homepage of this site. I was annoyed that I had to download something before I was even able to view the Web site. When I couldn't use the back button I became frustrated. There should have been a place to enter search words or at the very least a site map - clearly labeled on the home page to tell me where I was and the different options for where I could go.

I should know when I open the page what the site's purpose is. After going through the site, I still don't know what Imaginary Forces is. Are they a production company? An ad agency? I'm not sure who the audience is for this site either. Is it people who are interested in movies? People who are interested in creating movies?

I finally found a page on what the company is, but I can't read the entire text because the page does not allow me to scroll down. I had to physically restrain myself from hitting the back button. There wasn't a very easy way to get back to the home page.

The featured projects on the home page don't have anything to do with the rest of the site. The actual categories for the site are small in the right-hand corner. I wanted to click on something that was big - not something small in the corner. The categories should have been more prominent than the featured projects so I knew that they were categories. I still don't know what "Our Reel" is because I couldn't open it with my browser.


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